About Associazione “Musical-Mente”

In Gussago, Monticelli Brusati, Paderno Franciacorta, Montirone, Cossirano, Iseo, Capriano del Colle Ospitaletto and in Brescia Santa Maria degli Angeli Insitute and Santa Maria di Nazareth Institute Associazione “Musical-Mente” created a music academy, helding modern and classical music classes, acting and theatre. It promotes and realizes concerts, and events with the purpose of spreading music and acting.
Musical-Mente is involved in research and educational experimentation. Uses experimental teaching programs and methodologies and ministerial programs, leading and guiding students attending Music Conservatory admission tests, having Musical-Mente a Protocol of Understanding with the Music Conservatory “L.Marenzio” and the Music High School “V.Gambara” in Brescia.

In 2017 Musical-Mente has created in the S.Maria di Nazareth Insitute a Secondary school with musical address, at the completing of which releases a certification of musical and instrumental skills.

The teaching staff sees committed professionals with many artistic and teaching experiences.

Musical-Mente is under the Patronage of 5 Municipalities in which it operates and collaborates with the City of Brescia and the City of Desenzano del Garda in realizing concerts and cultural and educational events.

Since 2014 is in charge of many locations and stages for the European Music Fest in Brescia.

In 2010 Musical-Mente created a network of music academies in the Province of Brescia and Franciacorta area. Once a year the network riunites and discusses new methodologies and new teaching skills.
The network is directed by Prof. Paola Ceretta, who is also the Headmaster of Musical-Mente.

This collaboration has created a Youth Orchestra named “Orchestra delle Bollicine” (from the World renowned local sparkling wine) which has seen many important collaborations, with Meastro Alessandro Cadario and Maestro Daniele Parzani as Conductors.

This project has been supported by Fondazione della Comunità Bresciana, by Fondazione ASM and by the “Act 9” by Regione Lombardia, a specific law against cyberbullying.

“Orchestra delle Bollicine” has created the Project “Internet, nuovo mondo: orchestriamolo insieme” (Internet, a new World: let’s orchestrate it together – similar) in collaboration with Domenico Geracitano, Police officer and nationwide famous expert and educator against cyberbullying.
In 2017 the Orchestra performed at the State Police 165° Anniversary Celebration in Brescia.
A great achievement has been the event held in Brescia at the S.Barnaba Auditorium on June, 11 2016 to celebrate the new National act against cyberbullying. The event has been honored by the presence of Mr.Paolo Picchio, father of the first acknowledged victim of cyberbullying in Italy.

Musical-Mente has also created a festival dedicated to young music talent, named “Caffè Macchiato Musica”. Supported by Fondazione della Comunià Bresciana, the festival has seen 8 modern music students and 8 classical music students under 20 performing solo at the beautiful Caffè letterario in the Historic center of Brescia. The event has gained a great exposure on many local media.

Musical-Mente always dedicates special concern in classical and symphonic music. So, the “Musical-Mente Symphony Orchestra Antonella Landucci” of Franciacorta has been created. Conductor of this prestigious orchestra has been the renowned Maestro Giancarlo Facchinetti until his passing in 2017.

Associazione “Musical-Mente” is specialized and involved in the creation of “emotional” events and concerts dedicated to Nature. Many of them have become annual appointments in the area surrounding Brescia.

Among the others, can be mentioned “Suoni dalla Rugiada”at the Gaina waterfalls in Monticelli Brusati on June,21; “La notte dei desideri” at the Santissima in Gussago on August, 10; “Le fiabe del bosco incantato” dedicated to children under 10, for orchestra and reading actor, held in Primary schools; “Desiderata e il castello dell’Incanto”, animating Christmas and Santa Lucia (Patron Saint in the Brescia area) in December; “Brividi al castello”, dedicated to children under 10 in the Halloween days.

Modern music students gather in bands and perform many times year round in different outdoor and indoor events.

In 2017 Musical-Mente wins a Fondazione della Comunità Bresciana call with the project “MadreTerra”, an all-female ensemble, celebrating the female figure and the Nature. The project held 7 concerts in 7 different locations around the Province of Brescia with the participation of “Il salterio”, a Folk Dance company.

In 2017 Musical-Mente also wins a very important “Funder35”call, being recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs as one of the Italian Excellences in the field of Cultural Enterprise. Funder35 supports the implementation of all the system organization of Musical-Mente through the project “Musical-Mente Digital Innovation”: the project sees a complete redesigning of the image and the logo, develops online management and forms, manages to improve communication with all the associates of the 10 schools owned by the Association. The thrust of Funder35 enhances youth music production and allows the creation of “Oltre la rete” (“Beyond the net”), a CD release by “Orchestra delle Bollicine” and the band “In/trigo” dedicated to the fight against unconscious use of Internet and Social media for pre-teen and teenagers.
The song “Invisibile” wins the Ambasciatori del Territorio” award for the Best Original track.

In 2018 Musical-Mente obtains the Logo of the Patronage of the European Cultural Year for all the live performances by its modern bands.

Also, in 2018 wins, along with other 4 Associazions form the Lake of Iseo, a Cariplo call with the project “Volontariamente in circolo”, National Cariplo Call in the social sector.

In 2018 Musical-Mente is partner in the project “Progetto Giovani”, social services and youth policies by the City of Brescia for the realization of the musical “Oltre la rete” (“Beyond the net”).

Also, in 2018 the kit “Oltre la rete” is released for free, helping, supporting and guiding schools nationwide in preventing cyberbullying and a conscious use of Internet and social media. This kit has been presented at a major conference at the “Psychotherapy School” in Cremona.

In December 2018 the previously unrelesead song “Insieme” has been performed and presented live. The song has been written by Paola Ceretta and Cristian Rocco, with lyrics by Flavio Careddu, one of the most prominent author for the “Zecchino d’Oro”, very famous National singing contest for Children.

In 2019, to celebrate his 30th Anniversary, Musical-Mente held a huge event in Piazza della Vittoria in Brescia.
On June, 2nd at 6.00pm “Time for us” has been performed: a symphony written by Maestro Carlo Francesco De Franceschi and Paola Ceretta, for an orchestra made up of 740 musicians, singers and actors, supported by Fondazione della Comunità Bresciana and Cariplo, with the Patronage of Regione Lombardia, the event participated for the Guinness World Record (as we write, we are waiting for the result).
The music score of the composition as well as the signatures from all the participants – plus an original composition handwritten by the Maestro Giancarlo Facchinetti – has been deposited in the State Archive in Rome.

Year 2019/2020 starts with a new, great project: “LOl Orchestra, Band and Drama”: 7 school establishments gathered in a network in the formation and realization of courses of orchestral music therapy and theatrotherapy for the inclusion of disabled students.

In 2020, due to the Covid-19 serious cultural and health crisis situation that hit dramatically the Lombardy region and especially Brescia and its area, Musical-Mente creates the project “Kick start”, a fast digital transition path aimed at reshaping and reformulating its activities, to preserve the working path of the 40 cultural operators/collaborators (musicians, teachers, technicians and cultural operators) and to provide new learning tools for its target audience, consisting in children and kids between 6 and 18 years of age.

In this path of renewal the goal is to launch transnational cultural solidarity actions with other cultural and musical operators from other different Countries in creating a European virtual space for sharing experiences.

In the Brescia area, Musical-Mente leads the “Tavolo del cambiamento” (Board of change) that supports the culture in Brescia. In doing so, it creates a National streaming marathon, “Musical-Mente at home”, which houses important guests of the national and international cultural scene.


So far, Musical-Mente has released 4 CDs: “Ninna Musical-Mente Nanna”, realized for Unicef Italia (one of the many collaborations). A collection of songs to be listened during pregnancy and for the newborn children. The CD contains the hit “Treccia treccina”, written by Paola Ceretta. “Buona Natale Musical-Mente”, by DIVinA Quintet & Friends. A collection of Christmas classics plus the title track written by Paola Ceretta and performer by the “Musical-Mente Orchestra” and the Musical-Mente vocal ensembles. “In/trigo di Venere”, by “In/trigo”. A release produced by Musical-mente, written by Paola Ceretta and Cristian Rocco focused on the relational difficulties between men and women in light of the use of social media. It has been performed and presented at the Teatro “Dal Verme” in Milan.
“Oltre la rete”, produced by Musical-Mente and written by Paola Ceretta and Cristian Rocco, focused on issues related to the use of social media by new generations. All the songs have been inspired by the stories gathered among students from different Secondary schools during the project “Internet, nuovo mondo: orchestriamolo insieme” (Internet, a new World: let’s orchestrate it together – similar), in collaboration with Police officer and educator Domenico Geracitano, with the Patronage of Fondazione “Carolina Picchio”